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About us

I am a licensed cosmetologist, a promoter of health and beauty who compleated biological regeneration study with cosmetology in Olsztyn's Jozef Rusiecki Post-graduate School. I am also a certified linergist. My adventure with cosmetology started in 2006. While gaining the experience in the field, I felt the constant need to develop my abilities. In 2012 I completed the permanent make-up course at the European Beauty Concept School under a close eye of Dr Olga Beczek in Warsaw. This experience has given me new opportunities for development. Looking for still the perfect methodes I decided to train myself in semi-permanent make up techniques especially the microblading method. After several years of experience I believe in natural looking semi-pernament make up. The next step was the completion of vocational training in the field of needle mesotherapy by Ms. Karolina Widzicka at the Brodway Beauty Training Center in Gdynia. This method involves the introduction of appropriate vitamin cocktails in the skin with a needle and syringe and thus achieve satisfactory results after the first treatment. The salon also has a hand and foot care area. I also do a number of other beauty treatments such as face care, eyebrow thickening or eye care. Healh and Safety as well as hygiene is vital in my profession. In manicure and pedicure treatments I use disposable products and the tools used for the treatments are aleays properly sterilized.

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Cosmologist Barbara Lopata