Beauty Salon in Sopot

The eye sees, the heart feels, arms form

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Eyebrow Microblading 550zł
Eyebrow Bladed 580zł
Eyebrow make-up Microblading + Bladed 600zł
Lips – outline 500 zł
Lips outline + shading 550zł
Lips – outline with full shading 650zł
Eye- upper line, thickening lash line 450zł
Eye- upper line, upper eyelid, artistic 450zł
Eye – upper + lower eyelid 800zł
Second meeting (fulfillment )
Up to 1 month after the first treatment Free
Up to 2 months after the first treatment 100zł
Up to 3 months after the first treatment 200zł
Needle Mesotherapy
Anti-moisturizing treatment Hialuronic Acid gel 350zł
Firming and lifting treatment Prof.DMAE 3% 250zł
Treatment with prof. vit. A and retinol for acne and vascular skin 250zł
FUSION ANTIAGING Skin treatment suitable for lines, eye contour 350zł
FUSION WHITENING treatment for discoloration 320zł
PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE reducing cellulite treatment 400zł
Stretch marks reducing treatment ADN sodium DNA 400zł
Face Care
Facial cleansing treatment with micronized algae mask / cavity peeling 150/190zł
Back cleaning treatment with micronized aloe vera 160zł
Intensive moisturizing treatment HYDRA MASK 190zł
Moisturizing anti-wrinkle treatment "Stop the time" 170zł
Treatment for sensitive skin Cold Sea Mask Regenerating and relaxing treatment 160 zł
"Chocolate Bliss" Intensive oxygenation treatment 140zł
Multivitamin Aloe Vera Mask 150zł
Treatment for tired skin, suitable for problems under eyes with algue 140zł
Micronized Microdermabrasion + serum + algue mask (face, neck, neckline) 150/175/200zł
Microdermabrasion 60zł
Cavitation Scrub + ultrasounds + cream / algae 80/110zł
Deeply exfoliating treatment with glycolic acid 110zł
Facial massage + peeling 60zł
Deep eye treatment EYE PATCH MASK 55zł
Eye Care
Eyebrow tint + Eye Lash + Wax Re-Shape 30/35zł
Eyebrow tint + Wax Re-Shape 20/25zł
Eyelash Tint 15zł
Complete Re-Shape 10/15zł
Make Up
Daily Make-up 50zł
Event Make-Up 60/80zł
Bridal Make-Up including pre-wedding trial 140/180zł
Hand Care
Manicure with paiting 1colour/ frensh style 40/45zł
Regenerative Manicure 35/37zł
Hybrid Manicure with paiting 1colour/ frensh style 85/95zł
Hybrid Manicure take off 20zł
Japannese Manicure 55zł
Gel nail extension with 1 color / french style 120/130zł
Gel fulfillment 70/80zł
One gel nail 12/15zł
Paraffin on hands + massage + peeling 35zł
Nail painting 1color / french 15/20zł
Decorating nails from od 1zł
Giving a gel 35zł
Pedicure includes polish 1colour/ French style 85/90zł
Regenerating pedicure 75 zł
Hybrid Pedicure includes polish 1colour/ frensh style 120/130zł
Pedicure Spa (peeling + mask + massage + painting) 130zł
Polish change 1color / french style 20/25zł
Paraffin for feet + peeling + massage 45zł
Lashes extension
Method 1:1 Method 2:1 Method 3:1 210/ 250/280zł
Completion after 2 weeks 1:1 2:1 3:1 100/125/150zł
Completion after 3 weeks 1:1 2:1 3:1 150/185/200zł
Half Leg top or lower 40/40zł
Full Arm 40zł
Full Leg 75zł
Bikini / Brazilian 40/65zł
Under arm 35zł
Lip / Upper lip 20zł
Chin 20zł
Back 60zł
Brest / Chest 60zł
Partial massage 60zł
Entire Classic massage 100zł
Entire Relaxation massage 120zł
Ear piercing (surgical steel earrings included) 50zł